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We're always working to change the game for retail execution. Here are some of the teams we partner with to change the way you get work done in the field.

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SPAR offers ROI-driven, end-to-end merchandising services that help consumer goods brands stand out at retail.

Trade Promotions

UpClear's revenue management software helps CPGs plan, manage, and optimize promotions.

Retail Intelligence

Clear Box Retail uses machine learning to help CPGs turn retail data into action that drives sales.


Leaf Trade powers wholesale ordering, fulfillment, and payment for cannabis brands.

Image Recognition

ParallelDots' image recognition engine delivers SKU-level insights from the shelf while reducing time in store.


Repsly's Insights Dashboards are built on GoodData's best-in-class business intelligence platform.


Repsly achieves global physical and infrastructure security compliance through our hosting partner, AWS.

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