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The Partner Schools

- Ceip Ma Luisa Canas, Pedro Munoz, Spain

CEIP Mª Luisa Cañas is a public school from Spain, located around 200 km from our capital Madrid.We are 18 teachers: two of them are English teachers, 1 Therapist teacher, 1 Psychologist, 1Hearing and language teacher, 1 physiotherapist and others teacher, 1 Physical Education teacher, 1Artistic and Musical Education and others teacher for preschool and primary school. Our school have 215 pupils (majority of our families is middle class) They are 3 to 12 years old and there are about 15students of other nationalities.

Approximately 5 or 6 students have special learning difficulties, whith disabilities( blind-visual disabilies, SMG, misbehaviors. These students are cared for one hour a day in a special classroom by our Orientation Team for learning. The rest of the time they are integrated in their classrooms, with the other students of their same age. In our school we have a small garden. For us it is very important that our students learn values related to the care of the environment, recycling and healthy habits.

- Adnan Menderes Ortaokulu, Kütahya, Turkey

Adnan Menderes middle school is a public school and opened 1994-1995 education year to provide education services to the three neighborhood of Kütahya province center. School has 1 headmaster, 1 vice headmaster, 1 pre-school teachers, 19 teachers, 1 civil servant and 2 servants. The School provides education services to the 264 students 4-6 years and 11-14 years old.

General aim of the school is to improve quality of the education services and strengthen connection of the students with school. From this point, the school wants to be a part of international project to develop teacher’s professional skills, improve student’s success level through Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project. We believe that joining to the Erasmus+ project will raise up educational staff and student's motivation and project will gain to us a new perspective.

- Kindergarten "Latinka" , Shumen, Bulgaria

Kindergarten “Latinka” is located close to downtown Shumen. Kindergarten “Latinka” was found in 1953. More than 120 children in the age 3 -7 are being educated in our kindergarten. We have handicap children who are integrated in our pre-school groups. The children are divided by age in 5 groups and are taken cared of by 10 teachers. The principal of the kindergarten as well as two teachers are Doctors of Science - pedagogy and didactic.

We have additional classes like: dancing class, gymnastics, English class and art workshop. Primary themes of the education are green environment, foreign languages, fundamental subjects and creating habits of studying. Our teachers are working hard to encourage the children to love reading books. We are experienced in working with children who are unconfident, with handicap children, and children whose parents have a lower position in society.

- Lohkva Lasteaed , Lohkva, Estonia

Lohkva Kindergarten was opened on the 1st September 2010. We are located on the border of Luunja Parish, just near Tartu, Estonia. There are 109 children from 3-7 and 28 staff members including 18 teachers and 2 special educational specialist in our kindergarten. We have 20 children with different native language, most of them are Russians. We do not have refuges.

We have 4 diagnosed special needs children and we also support about 30 children, who have small needs to get special educational guidance. It is important for us to support children’s development through the general principles of J. Käis, that focuses on learning through the environment. It is the centre of children's expressions and mental activities. We focus on three specialities in our kindergarten creativity, innovativeness and environmental awareness. Creativity is expressed in creating favourable conditions in the learning environment where children can express themselves through play, art, music, moving and also through using technological devices.

- JUDG Detska Radost, Skojpe, The Republic of North Macedonia

Our kindergarten has 715 pupils and within our kindergarten we have 5 facilities in 5 different locations in Skopje. We have many different programs but the most important are the program for self-awareness, team awareness, system of values, development of positive emotions, development of logic and mathematical thinking, network of statements (vocabulary), physical exercises, etc. Being part of a project with this scale it will be really important for our kindergarten as we will wide our network, build new partnership, exchange experiences and gain new knowledge.

Also our pupils will be involved in new activities, which will help them to build as a person and have a better insight of the European culture. Our pupils are coming from different ethnic and cultural background. This practice helps in braking cultural barriers as well as braking stereotypes towards other cultures. We have really good cooperation with the municipality, schools and NGOs.