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What to look for, and what to ask, when evaluating Retail Execution tools

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36% of CPG companies are planning a major upgrade in retail execution by mid 2023*
- are you?

We understand that changes in process and tools can be challenging. But we also know from our years of helping customer adopt retail execution tools, that the reward on the other end very much outweighs the pain of change. With this guide, we will help your team get up to speed on the questions worth asking when shopping for solutions to help your team take back control of retail execution.

Retail execution software is rapidly becoming a necessity in the CPG industry – 99% of CPG companies plan to either maintain or increase their investment in RetEx technology in 2022, and 36% will complete their retex upgrade by June 2023*. These investments will play a critical role in setting long-term retail execution vision and operational plan, and require a fully informed evaluation plan to ensure you set your team, and company up for future success.

With our deep experience partnering with top CPG brands like Kraft-Heinz, Dyson, Nutrabolt, and Adidas, our team has compiled the first-ever guide to buying retail execution software, featuring all the essential questions you need to ask before taking this vital step in managing your shelf presence.

* CGT - The New Tech Empowering Retail Execution

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Key Takeaways


Model Your Methods - attack key shelf challenges, in a repeatable format

Discover how retail execution software is designed to address your key business objectives - and track and report key metrics related to merchandising, field sales, trade promotion, and workforce management.


Integration, Integration, Integration - understand relationships with your existing technology stack

Learn how RetEx solutions can integrate with and works alongside other enterprise systems, including CRM, ERP, and TPM platforms.


Alignment, and Support - get your internal stakeholders on the same page

Know the right questions to ask your information technology leaders, CIO, and retail execution stakeholders to craft a comprehensive RFP and ensure your collective goals are met.

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