AI Image Recognition for
Retail Execution

Picture a faster, more accurate way to execute. Turn your shelf photos into insights, effortlessly, with AI Image Recognition from Repsly.

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Increase Efficiency

Reduce audit time in-store by up to 50% when replacing standard forms with Image Recognition forms.


Improve Data Quality

Eliminate the possibility of human error at the shelf and achieve 98% accuracy on SKU recognition.


Drive Sales Growth

Increase on shelf availability (OSA) by 10-15% and immediately improve sales across key accounts.

Decisions Driven by
Image Recognition

Before adopting Image Recognition, Novamex faced challenges in accurate in-store brand representation. Now, with Image Recognition embedded into many of their workflows, they efficiently ensure planogram adherence and quickly address out-of-stock issues. This advancement promotes strategic decision-making while also adding to extremely positive sentiment toward future growth initiatives. 

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Novamex and Repsly

Why Image Recognition?


Manage on-shelf availability

Your team members are responsible for assigned locations, but if conflicts arise then inventory may be inaccurate and negatively impact sales.

Maximize revenue and proactively manage on-shelf availability for products by location.

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Analyze share of shelf

You think share of shelf is as expected based on current data, but you're unable to say with absolute certainty that key data points aren’t being overlooked.

Position yourself for success and analyze share of shelf at key accounts and against competitors.

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Measure compliance

Human error  tends to occur with many of your big initiatives, like promotional launches, pricing updates, or planogram audits across accounts.

Ensure your retail strategy is being executed as planned and measure compliance at scale.

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How does it work?

Image Capture

First, Reps will capture photos using a pre-built Image Recognition enabled Form via the Repsly mobile app and submit them for processing.

Image Stitching

Next, the uploaded photos are stitched together, and product details are analyzed using advanced AI Image Recognition technology.


Finally, based on predefined business KPIs, AI technology delivers actionable reporting metrics directly to Repsly's Insights Dashboards.

Mat Brogie

Image Recognition technology has finally evolved to where it is actually feasible to drive significant value for those who adopt it. Many brands will leverage Image Recognition capabilities to more efficiently drive their retail initiatives. Those that don't at least explore the possibilities around this opportunity risk losing some of their competitive edge.

Matthew Brogie

Chief Executive Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Image Recognition? Our FAQs cover everything from basic functionality to how it can transform your retail execution.

How does Image Recognition utilize AI?

Image Recognition analyzes audit photos with precision and speed based on important images and KPIs used to train the AI, identifying patterns and details that the human eye may miss.

This advanced technology provides insightful data, allowing for faster, more informed decisions, ultimately driving efficiency and strategic advantage in retail execution.

How will this impact the workflow of Reps in the field?

The flow to capturing Image Recognition photos will align very closely with the current process of capturing standard photos. The primary difference will be that a specific question on a Form will have Image Recognition capabilities.

When a Rep is prompted to take an Image Recognition photo, informational prompts inside the Repsly mobile app will walk the Rep through how to successfully take an Image Recognition photo!

What is the process for implementing Image Recognition?

To get started with Image Recognition, our team of experts will first guide you through a four-phase proof of concept (POC).

This POC includes (1) identifying project scope, (2) training the AI & Repsly configuration, (3) team enablement & best practices, and (4) Image Recognition validation & scale.

Once the POC is completed, you will have the opportunity to determine if you would like to move forward with a full implementation and launch of Image Recognition.

Will Reps have real-time insights after capturing Image Recognition photos?

Currently, Repsly's Image Recognition solution does not provide real-time insights. We are working hard towards offering real-time insights in the very near future!

What happens if we introduce a new SKU into our product collection?

This is a common occurrence, and we would expect you to launch new SKUs over time. Once a new SKU is introduced, we'll need high-resolution, front-facing photos to submit to the AI Image Recognition model for training.

How long does it take for Image Recognition to start showing results?

The timeline to seeing results with Image Recognition is dependent on a number of factors, but none more important than how quickly you introduce Image Recognition into the workflow of your Reps.

The quicker you can integrate Image Recognition photos into the day-to-day work of your Reps, the more data you will be collecting and have the opportunity to take action on.

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