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The first meeting of the partnership was held in Kütahya, Turkey between the dates 19-24 October 2019.

Participants List

Spain: Carolina Puerto Moreno, Mélody Muñoz Muñoz, Marina Hidalgo Mayoral

Bulgaria: Svetla Dimitrova Popova, Yana Blagoeva Zhecheva, Mariyana Dimitrova Mileva

Estonia: Anneli Mõtsmees, Elina Karu, Kristiina Pedaksaar

Turkey: Recep Demirbaş, Mesut Çekiç, Ahmet Arda, İsa Reşber, Fatma Benli, Halime Yılmaz, Sevil Çavdar, Hakan Karapınar.



During the meeting, participants developed the new games for the pupils. All the pupils liked the games. Here is the one of them.


Teacher gives short brief about benefits of physical activities for human body. Then, the students do a light warm-up exercises for 3 minutes. The teacher divides the class into two groups. The groups are arranged in a single row in front of the step boards. There is 4 step boards in front of each group. The teacher tells the students to do the movement the teacher has told with the start command. These movements may be jumping on the step board with one foot, jumping on the step board with two feet, and jumping over the step board. The group who passes the across first is applauded.





The teacher brings TV signs that he has already taught to the class. The teacher and the students repeat what the signs mean. Then the teacher tells the students that they will play a game using these signs. Each sign reflects a special movement .When the students see a TV sign they will do special movements for each sign such as closing eyes, turning back, calling parents and clapping hands. For example, if the mark is suitable for ages 7 and up, students close their eyes. If the sign is for the general audience, the students applaud. If the sign is for 13 years or older, the students turn their backs. If the sign is a sign of violence and fear, they call their parents.


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